Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Valkyrie Rising

Valkyrie Rising
by Ingrid Paulson


Fantastic book! Strong characters, no love triangle, unique mythology.The writing is not fantastic but the story is strong enough to prevent this from affecting my review.

The main character, Ellie, grows throughout the book from a shy, fly-on-the-wall to a strong, self-possed woman. Her male counterpart, Tuck, acts as a well-balanced lead, allowing her to shine and grow. My favorite love stories are those that sprout from a deep-rooted friendship, as is the case between the two main characters. Although there was a lot of action and the plot moves quickly, the few twists there were didn't really throw you off. There were no really big surprises (that you didn't see coming) and while I really like those, I didn't mind their absence. 

Valkyrie Rising, though it seems to be the first in a series, is extremely satisfying as a stand alone- which with the trilogy trend that's currently possessed the YA market, is quite refreshing. There were enough loose ends that I'm excited to see where the author takes Ellie next but satisfied enough that I'm not going to die of anticipation in the mean time. 

This book surprised me probably because I initially judged the book by the cover (which I'm not a fan of). I'm admit I wasn't very familiar with Norse mythology and wasn't really pulled in by the idea of valkyries. But still I read it and wow was it good on the inside! I highly recommend this book. 

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